Super Flame
Retardant Leather

With flame-retardant technology applied to leather,
White Industry creates a safe world from the constant fire accidents
of the society to which we belong with the desire to eliminate human casualties.
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Eco Tan Leather

With eco-friendly leather developed with the mind to prepare for 100 years from now,
White Industry creates a healthy world.
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Leather for
Health Care Products

By combining eco-friendliness and flame-retardant technology,
eco-friendly leather is applied to healthcare products.
White industry creates a world where everyone enjoys a healthy life.
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White Industry

Specializing in the manufacture and export of high-end cowhide fabrics, we have been growing steadily for the past 20 years.
We have built a reputation from the world's famous fashion brands as an excellent supplier to meet customer needs with great price competitiveness and excellent quality.

Design for Health And Well-being

We have developed products that differentiate us from our competitors through our efforts to avoid
and have grown as a result of our hard work.

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People and Safety,
The Enviroment and Future

It focuses on improving the well-being of
employees belonging to the white industry, and also establishes as an important corporate
management policy that the region to which the white industry belongs should always comply
with the social ethics of all consumers and protect the environment.